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Done! A Not Entirely Final Masterlist

Well, you are a *fabulous* lot, aren't you? Look at what you did!

The Get It Done Masterlist 2012
Aboard, About, Above, Across by jedibuttercup (fic, rated PG, Mal/Inara, Zoe, Simon/Kaylee, River)
abridgement by quinara (fic, rated PG, Dawn), with artwork by eilowyn
After the Deluge chapter 24 by gillo (fic, Spike/Buffy, Dawn, Giles, Andrew *WIP), with artwork by spuffy_noelle
And Everything In Between by phantompopcorn (fic, rated PG, Buffy, Buffy…)
And It's All Over But the Shouting by tiny_white_hats (fic, rated PG13, Cordelia, Oz)
Changing Perspectives by waddiwasiwitch (fic, rated R, Spike/Buffy)
Changing Perspectives by ladyofthelog (fanmix and banner, to accompany the fic by waddiwasiwitch
Conversation with a Vampire by shapinglight (fic, rated PG13, Giles, Darla)
Cordelia, Oz banner by rua1412 (art, rated Pg13) – part of the mini-bang and linked to the fic by tiny_white_hats
Development Hell by beer_good_foamy (fic, rated PG13, Buffy, Andrew, Lorne, ensemble, *WIP)
Erasing You by ever_neutral (fanmix, Lilah/Wesley)
Hell Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry by lynnenne (fic, PG, Angel, Spike)
Little Sister, Chapter 10 by rahirah (fic, rated PG13, Buffy/Spike and many Barbverse characters)
Oaxaca Nights by aadler (fic, Cordelia, rated PG), with banners and icon by gillo
Out of Reach (new chapter) by spuffy_noelle (fic, rated NC17, Spike/Buffy, *WIP), with artwork by ellievanna
Prologue: Enchantment Passing Through by ladycallie (fic, rated PG13, Willow, Tara, *WIP)
Seasons Keep On Marching by brutti_ma_buoni (fic, rated PC13, Giles/Lilah)
The Tinder Box by oni_9 (fic, rated R, Spike/Drusilla)
The (Un-)Life of Spike by catelynstark (art/fanmix and more, rated P13)
The Vampire's Gift by 3hours (fic, rated PG13 so far (eventually NC17), Spike/Willow, Spike/Buffy, Spike/lots of other women, *WIP), with banner by catelynstark
Willow/Tara artwork by teragramm (art) – posted as part of the mini-bang with Enchantment Passing Through
Whose Torment Is This Anyway? by rebcake (fic, rated PG13, Spike/Buffy)

Any errors or omissions, shout at me till I fix them, please. Otherwise, go and consume fanworks, and feed back like billy-o. Mkay?

Now. To those who have not *quite* got it done yet... Yes, of course you can still post here after the deadline. It's a comm about encouraging *more* fannish productions, after all. I will post a more officially final final masterpost here after 15th December or when the delayed fanworks that I know about have been posted, whichever comes sooner. But if you miss that too, feel free to crosspost anything to this comm that you originally signed up to complete. If/when you complete it, we will be pleased to hear about it!

Thank you all! I've had a wonderful time seeing how much fandom is still out there. You're a credit to your fannish feelings.

Pretties to follow. Rewards are good, no?


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Dec. 7th, 2012 11:26 am (UTC)
PS catelynstark made this banner for The Vampire's Gift :) I see she hasn't posted in here herself to let you know.
Dec. 7th, 2012 06:04 pm (UTC)
Awesome! Thanks for the link.
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